27 April 2011

Metal Detecting Post #32 - Bullets From DIV XVII

I wanted to conclude my series of photos of my finds taken at my recent Diggin' In Virginia XVII adventure in Culpeper, Virginia. I'll be putting up a video at some point. Lots going on to post about but a recent bout with a stomach virus has kept me away from my projects.

A rare Confederate 54 caliber CS Merrill

Another Confederate bullet ~ a 56 caliber Ringtail Sharps

44 caliber Richmond Labs Colt revolver bullet
Best guess ~ a fired 36 caliber CSA revolver bullet
A 64 caliber musket ball ~ a bit rare
A 59 caliber musket ball with mold seams

A 45 caliber musket ball
Lunch under a beautiful Virginia sky on the final day


13thBama said...

What are the possibilities of determining which units had what type of weapons? It would be interesting if you could identify each of those (especially the rare ones) as probably belonging to a specific regiment. I will admit though, that I have not seen anything that relates that information down to the regimental level.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

A lot of historians and relic hunters do that very thing. It takes a bit of research and I'm up to my neck w/research now, a book, a long essay and other relic hunting locations, so I just don't have the time. It might be a bit difficult for where these items were found - near Brandy Station. A lot of activity took place there over the 4 year period so it might be difficult to pinpoint to that detail.

Lindsay said...

Wow, great finds! Look forward to sharing these with my students tomorrow.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Lindsay - I was thinking about your class when I was uploading these.

Lindsay said...

Oh, they were VERY into it! They have a big research project they are doing and one of my boys was so inspired by your posts that he is going to focus on researching different bullets - he is going to use your website as a starting point :)

I may have him contact you if he needs help/guidance if that is okay with you, we are still a bit off from starting the research.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Lindsay - that's great! Sure, he can just use my blogger email with any question he has. I'll do my best to steer him in the right direction so he can discover on his own - with your guidance of course.