22 April 2011

Muster Day


Lindsay said...

I will actually be near here tomorrow, I am going to try to get over that way...that is, if the kids cooperate :)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Lindsay - if you make it, look for Shirley Bridgeforth. She's the director of the W'boro museum. Tell her you saw the notice on my blog. Hope you make it.

13thBama said...

I wish I had known. Waynesboro is a great motorcycle ride from Winchester!

Anita L. Henderson said...

Dear Richard:

I enjoy your blog very much. Too bad I am recovering from getting a new knee as I would have liked to have gone to Waynesboro. I have been doing research for the last 12 years on Maria Lewis a black female trooper who served in disguise for 18 months with the 8th NY Cavalry. She was part of the contingent of troopers that took the 17 captured confederate battle flags from Waynesboro to the War Dept. in March 1865. I have given several talks on the subject and am now working on a magazine article. I am a living historian and have both civilian (enslaved or free cook) and military impression (mounted cavalry bugler. I have eliminated most of the 2400 troopers who served with the 8th and am working with 10-20 possibilities. My mom who is a retired principal told me that even if I don't find her male alias, she wants me to write a children's novel based on her. I have an acknowledgement from Deanne Blanton in her book They Fought Like Demons as she was unaware of Lewis' existence. I am open to any suggestions. I am on Facebook and have lots of pics of my living history impressions. Thanks!

Anita L. Henderson
Atlantic Guard Soldiers'Aid Society
13th Va Cavalry, Co. H, Light Sussex Dragoons-bugler

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Anita - sounds like quite an interesting story. My suggestion would be to follow your passion. As far as publishers, I'm not familiar with too many publisher's who specialize in Children's novels. If you're close to W'boro, you should contact Shirley Bridgeforth of the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation about doing a talk.


Anita said...

Thanks Richard for your advice and encouragement. I will definitely followup on your suggestion about contacting Ms. Bridgeforth.