22 April 2011

Old Times There Are Forgotten

Here's an interesting bit of news about how the North is not commemorating the Sesquicentennial - at least no where to the degree it's being done in the South. I've discussed this lack of memory and uniqueness (as contrasted with the South) before (see here and here). Now comes this acknowledgment how the two regions are still very different, despite many academics' heroic effort and struggle to both proclaim they're not different, while they work tirelessly to make sure they're not:

In North, Civil War sites, events long 'forgotten'

As the nation marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, states in the old South — the side that lost — are hosting elaborate re-enactments, intricate memorials, even formal galas highlighting the war's persistent legacy in the region. But for many states in the North — the side that won — only scant, smaller events are planned in an area of the nation that helped sparked the conflict but now, historians say, struggles to acknowledge it. 

I also pointed out in one of my posts (linked above) about the disparity in the Veterans' organizations membership numbers, something this news piece also points out:

Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group open to male descendants of veterans who served in the Confederate armed forces, boast 30,000 members across the Old South. The Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War has 6,000 members.

This piece, along with what is obvious to most open-minded individuals, simply confirms that the two regions are still vastly different in how they remember and what they remember in regards to American history. You can read the complete article here. It's quite interesting.

Post coming this weekend: The Focal Point Of All Human History (along with proof)


13thBama said...

So much so that I wonder how many realize where the title for this post comes from? I guess they did "Look away, look away".

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

True. The anti-celebratory history crowd have been rather successful. "Celebrity" history trumps celebratory history.

msimons said...

Well as my now 99 year old Grandma Simons who is my living link to her Great Grandpa IP Lynch told me Old times are not to be forgotten, As far as the North is concerned We're not forgetting or forgivin.
It is shameful we are doing as much as the did the 4 years before I was born.