17 April 2011

Recognizing Heroes & "Such Men"

This is a "pre-post" to my upcoming post on distorting history in an unheroic age. While this blog is, generally, more about the WBTS, the principle of honoring heroes, advocated quite tastefully in the video shown below, is timeless and one which I've blogged about quite frequently. This post serves as a good method for softening up readers for my next post. The video was sent to me by reader and relic hunting partner, Doug Hill. Here are his thoughts on the film clip:

   Perhaps you have to read the book (Bury Us Upside Down, the story of the "Misty" pilots- Fast FACs over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the classified project Commando Sabre) to appreciate the sight of Bud Day, one of  America's most highly decorated service members, climbing back into an F-100 Super Sabre and taking flight; I dunno. That book, incidentally, is one of the most moving I've ever read. Johnny Mathis' "Misty" was Bud Day's favorite song, thus Misty became the radio call sign for the pilots under his command. Bud hung out with John McCain in a cell in Hanoi, suffering with serious injuries from a bad ejection from Misty 1.

   Anyway, I really enjoy seeing these aging heroes receiving recognition, and feel overwhelmingly indebted to such men.

The Collings Foundation's F-100F Super Sabre from INVERSION on Vimeo. (If the video skips, try turning the HD off.)

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13thBama said...

Shocked to see that the Collings Foundation is based in the People's Republic of Massachusetts!