06 May 2011

Decoded - Season One Giveaway

The folks at A & E home entertainment recently contacted me about reviewing Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Season One.I agreed and they also sent me a copy for a give away here on my blog.

Here's how Amazon describes the series:

Best-selling author Brad Meltzer loves a good mystery. A history enthusiast known for his immaculate research, he has studied and written about some of America s most revered institutions and documents. But sometimes, he uncovers unverifiable stories that keep him awake at night. Is there another hidden message buried in the Statue of Liberty? What happened to the White House cornerstone that s been missing for two centuries? Could it be true that John Wilkes Booth lived for 40 years after his presumed death under an assumed identity?

In the new 10-part series BRAD MELTZER S DECODED, Meltzer scours secret clues, symbols and conspiracy theories to unravel some of society s most provocative enigmas. And the deeper he digs into the past, the more we learn about our future.

Together with a team of experts Buddy Levy, a professor and journalist who assumes there is always more than meets the eye; Christine McKinley, a mechanical engineer who believes only what she can prove; and Scott Rolle, a trial lawyer who is skeptical by nature Meltzer hunts for answers to questions that have perplexed us for centuries yet have never been fully investigated.

I've not watched the complete, History Channel produced, 3 disc DVD yet, but I did watch two episodes last night. The first one was about the "missing" White House cornerstone. I won't ruin it for you, but the show follows the investigators as they try to solve the mystery which involves George Washington and Freemasonry. The other episode I watched was one about Confederate gold. This show featured Bob Brewer (whose book I've read), and his quest for the Confederate Treasury's missing gold; thought by some to be hidden in a Danville, Virginia cemetery.

As I've always been fascinated by "history mysteries" and treasure hunting (even more so since I've started metal detecting), I found both of these episodes quite interesting and entertaining. A bit overplayed at parts, but worth the time to watch nonetheless. I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of the DVD set. So, based on what I've seen thus far, I'd give the show a definite thumbs up. One thing I found particularly refreshing in the two episodes I viewed, was the absence of any PC garbage, moralizing, or politicization of the subject matter. Here's a list of the shows in season one:

Disc 1:
The White House / Secret Presidential Codes / Statue Of Liberty / The Lincoln Assassination
Disc 2:
Confederate Gold / D.B. Cooper / 2012 / The President's Inner Circle
Disc 3:
Secret Societies / Apocalypse In Georgia

Now, for the giveaway, valued at $25. Please submit a comment on this post answering the following question:
What mystery in American history do you find most intriguing and why?

The submission period will run for 72 hours - through Monday night at 6:00 PM. I will narrow the responses down to two, and then allow readers to vote between those two for our winner. Please invite friends and family to participate.


Stephen Clay McGehee said...

I have been fascinated with the Knights of the Golden Circle ever since I first heard about them. What is real and what is legend? What effect did they have on history? Which historical figures were members? What did they plan to do with the money? The KGC is one of those pieces of history that is just ripe for speculation and fictional plots.

Thomas Gann said...

The first American mystery that comes to my mind was the first English settlement in the New World on Roanaoke island.Those settlers vanished without a trace and we still to this day don't have a clue as to what happened to them.

The Warrior said...

What mystery in American history do you find most intriguing and why?

Well, I can't be anything but honest about this one. Therefore, my answer will be dark and unpleasant.

My answer is this: the most mysterious "mystery" I find is how the insidious masters of evil so efficiently pulled off their left-ization/Big Brother-ization of the country. There's gotta be more to it than we can see now.