23 May 2011

The Founders' Vision - Citizen Cain For President?

Though this is a political post, it is also one which discusses our history and the Founders' vision for our country. So it is germane to the discussion of history, the focus of this blog. When the Founders established the American Republic, it is clear that most of them envisioned a nation that would be governed by "citizen legislators" and executives. Many states still have that model, Virginia being one of them. The salary paid to Virgina's legislators isn't enough to live on so they must come home and work and live under the laws they pass. It is a part-time job. This is a good thing - unlike the United States Congress which often exempts itself from the same laws and regulations it rams down our collective throats - the recent healthcare debacle for example.

Professional politicians, academics, and other members of the ruling class were never meant to rule the common citizenry like Monarchs do serfs. Our Founders detested that model and it was one of the primary reasons they seceded from Great Britain. But that is precisely what we have today. Barack Obama is the quintessential example of this class of ruling elitists - a self-absorbed academic with a five-minute career who has never produced or accomplished anything of real value. Rather he, like the rest of his academic supremacist soul mates, are very good at telling everyone else what to do and how to do it, though most of them have done very little outside of their insulated Utopian cubicles. Very few members of the ruling class have any real world experience; which is why they tend to screw up the real world.

But it now appears that Americans will, for the first time in a long time, have an opportunity to change that and elect a President who rose from humble roots and climbed the corporate ladder through various companies in America, finally becoming CEO of Godfather's Pizza. 

At 31, he joined the Pillsbury Co. and rose to vice president within three years. He then turned his attention to Burger King, a Pillsbury subsidiary at the time, transforming 400 underperforming stores in the Philadelphia area into the best-performing region in the country. Next, he joined Godfather’s Pizza as CEO and president, taking it from the edge of bankruptcy to profitability in 14 months. He and investors eventually bought the pizza chain. (More here.)

His rise to this position was due to his phenomenal track record of success in management: turning companies around and making them profitable. Unlike most members of the ruling class, Cain has a track record of results, not votes, policy positions, or "community organizing." He can point to results rather than theories and position papers.

And, not least among his qualities, he is a native Southerner. Anyone who can genuinely say "Y'all" as he does, will get a serious look from me. ;o) Yesterday, Tea Party favorite Herman Cain officially announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. While I am not quite ready to endorse Mr. Cain, I am "leaning" that way and will be taking a hard look at him in the days to come. I must admit, I find him to be a very attractive candidate, at least at this point. Before Cain came along, I was not overly impressed with any Republican candidate, though I would prefer any of them to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. One of the things that makes Cain the most politically dangerous candidates to not only his Democrat opponent, but also to the current field of Republicans, is that he seems to truly speak from the heart rather than from scripted advice given by professional pols. Or, as someone else noted, his "give a damn" is broken.  Of course, this is a two-edged sword and could be used against him if he is not careful. But I believe many Americans are ready to forgive an occasional gaffe in exchange for an experienced, mature business executive with fire in their belly for the United States and a proven track record rather than a community organizer who governs like a petulant child.

Moreover, Cain embraces America's exceptionalism, unlike the guilt-ridden, blame-America-first elites who believe its a myth.

Granted, Cain's chances at actually securing his party's nomination are, at this point, a long shot. The same was once said of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Should he pull this off, and I am one who certainly believes it is possible, 2012 will undoubtedly provide us with the most historic and exciting campaign in a century.

Watch his announcement speech given this past Saturday. I don't think he was using a teleprompter. 


Chaps said...

I really like Herman Cain and think he would make a better President that the one we have. But then, the number of folks who meet that criterion is large. Cain's business experience is attractive as is his general approach. My concern is that domestic economic policy (at which he would be great) is not the number one job of the President. In truth, the best thing a U.S. President can do to help the economy is.... nothing. Perhaps roll back the crushing burden of regulation and taxes on business but beyond that..... don't DO anything, just stand there. My concern, rather, is foreign policy. I have not heard from him, very much, on foreign policy, military policy, our role in the world, relations with allies etc. I am hoping he gets into that as the nominating process goes on.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"roll back the crushing burden of regulation"

Most businessmen, me included, will tell you this is the most damaging thing to businesses today. Red tape, bureaucratic idiocy, form after form, etc.

The Presidency has become quite a bully pulpit and the right person can drive the public debate and direction of the country. Once we (if ever) can get government trimmed down to a tolerable level, then I agree, do nothing but protect our borders and national interests and just leave me alone. I don't need to hear what the Prez is doing every day. Frankly, I couldn't care less.