16 May 2011

How Can Universities Teach History Objectively?

Especially when their political bias is so evident. A number of academic history bloggers have taken me to task for suggesting universities lean left (Yeah, I know - what planet are they living on?) Here's anecdotal evidence number -- uh, I've lost count -- that academia's leftward bias is obvious to all but the complicit.

In fact, some professors can never set aside their biases and liberal agenda; not even for the benefit of graduating seniors. Commencement is high time to impart wisdom about free-market principles, an understanding of America’s role in the world, and to send students off with the capacity to examine and consider varying ideologies. Instead, liberal administrators deny their students any chance of hearing any other ideology except for their own. Just take a look at who is on our speaker survey and who is missing from the list, and it all becomes very obvious.

Story here.

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