11 May 2011

Lost Confederate Gold In My Hometown?


Michael R. Bradley said...

Please pardon my shameless self-promotion, but I address the numerous accounts of "lost Confederate gold" in Mythes & Mysteries of the Civil War," released by Globe Pequot Press on April 12, 2011. The Papers of the Southern Historical Society includes a couple of articles on the topic. Your hometown is not alone in having such tales but I do find all the stories interesting for their long lives if for no other reason.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Professor. If you'll send me a copy of your book, I'll do a review here for you. Yes, I realize a lot of these "Confederate gold" treasure stories are mostly myth and legend, though I think there is some validity to a few of them. The Danville treasure is one that has some possibilities, I believe. Also, the stories about the KGC are quite intriguing and Bob Brewer's book lends some credibility to that Confederate gold story. The History Channel did a segment on Jesse James and the KGC last year. I bought the DVD and they actually catch the discovery of a mason jar full of gold coins live on film. Unless this was staged, it is quite compelling.