02 May 2011

The Most Influential Book In The English Language

Celebrates its 400th anniversary today, 2 May 2011.

Christian historians say the King James Bible helped launch the British Empire, spread Christianity throughout the world, and shape the English language. "A lot of the phrases we used today came from the King James Bible," said Larry Stone, Nashville author of "The Story of the Bible" (Thomas Nelson, 2010). "The powers that be; my brother's keeper; salt of the earth; fight the good fight; a law unto themselves; give up the ghost. The list goes on and on."

The KVJ was also the Bible most often used by Confederate Chaplains during the War Between the States from which sprant the great revivals in the Southern armies which led to hundreds of thousands of conversions and cemented the South's claim to being the "Bible Belt" of America. More here

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