24 June 2011

Big Education & Big Publishing - Their Days Are Numbered

I posted some comments the other day about the eventual demise of large, institutional, brick and mortar universities. Technology is making this possible. The world's libraries are available to anyone in the most remote parts of the world who owns a $250 laptop and a $40 a month air card. As further evidence as to how the internet, technology, and free markets have revolutionized education and, by association, the world of publishing, I would direct you to this article:

An entrepreneur has turned the writing world upside down by becoming the first author to sell more than a million electronic books without a publishing deal. 

How? Ebooks. Now, ebooks aren't for everyone. I've never read one. I prefer to hold the book in my hand. Old school, admittedly, but I believe there will be a market for printed books for many years to come. However, for sheer economic reasons, the ebook is here to stay and makes reading more available to more people. One of the reasons I like this piece, and what it means, is due to the fact it is but one more piece of evidence of how an "amateur" can run circles around the self-proclaimed "experts" - all the while the "experts" don't have a clue, yet continue to talk to themselves about how smart they are. Reminds me so much of the Civil War blogosphere. Read the article here.


Lindsay said...

I would agree about the ebooks - I prefer the old school hard copy myself, but I do own a Nook and boy do I love it too! There are pros and cons with each, but I think there is nothing wrong with a good balance between the two!

Of course, I will always make sure my house is stocked FULL of books for my kids (and future grandkids) but I also see the value in ereaders because they are attracting kids - yes, using technology is attractive to kids and if that what gets them started in loving to read, I feel confident that most of them will make their way over to a traditional hard copy from time to time!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Lindsay.