28 June 2011

The CSA Siezes Castle Pickney Again - Well, Sorta

The first time the Confederates siezed it by military force. This time, their descendants are paying $10 for it. (I hope they use 2 Five's).

Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor was the first Union fortification seized by Confederate forces on the eve of the Civil War. And now there's hope that the Sons of Confederate Veterans will reclaim and preserve the crumbling, historic structure. The State Ports Authority board on Tuesday agreed to give what remains of the round, brick fortress to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1269, for a token payment of $10.
"Our ultimate aim is to preserve this facility in a respectful and dignified way, to provide a visible link to the past for future generations in the Charleston area," Snow said. "The fort is a part of our Lowcountry heritage and will be honored as such by the Fort Sumter Camp of the SCV."

The SCV continues its heritage and tradition of preserving the rich history of the Confederate South. More here.

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Douglas Hill said...

"Well, sorta" will do! There's a lot of horrific options that could've taken place, and the SCV is obviously one of the very few vestiges remaining of the CSA. The only thing I can think of that would be better would be if it were sold to the UDC. ;^,