03 June 2011

Metal Detecting Post #37 - Upcoming Hunts

Just a heads up about some historic sites I'll be hunting in the coming weeks. The summer months are tough on relic hunters - snakes, mosquitos, tall weeds and brush, ticks and the heat - all make an already tough avocation even tougher. But when the fire is in the belly, it must be quenched!

So, here's what's set on the table for the rest of the summer:

  • I just received permission to hunt a 100+ acre farm which dates to the mid-1700's. This farm, located in the Shenandoah Valley, is still owned by descendants who received the original land grant from the King of England. It's history includes both Revolutionary War and War Between the States activity. Confederate soldiers camped on the site and the owner once found a colonial period bayonet on the property. I'm very excited about the potential. I hope to do an initial scan of the property within the next few days.
  • I'm still not finished at Stoney Point (Robert Lewis Dabney's home), but the last time I was by there, they'd not made the first cutting of hay. I'll be back.
  • I recently received permission to hunt another colonial home site. The site is located in the foothills on the western slope of the Blue Ridge mountains with a very old roadbed close by. Neither the home site nor the road show on any maps I've thus far seen. I believe the site to be very old. I've hunted it very briefly once and found some 18th or 19th century pottery pieces. I hope to get back there soon.
  • I'm also in the process of getting permission to hunt near another rather significant battlefield here in the Valley - on private property of course.
All of these hunts will (assuming I find something) include video of live digs and recoveries, as well as identifying the finds. Stay tuned. Its shaping up to be a great summer!

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