01 June 2011

Repeating History

"If during Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887 had a person suggested that England would become a third-rate nation and later challenged on the high seas by a sixth-rate nation (Argentina), he would have been declared insane. One chief causal factor for the decline of these former great nations is what has been described as 'bread and circuses,' where government spends money for the shallow and immediate wants of the population, and civic virtue all but disappears. For the past half-century, our nation has been doing precisely what brought down other great nations. We might have now reached the point of no return. If so, do we deserve it?" ~ Dr. Walter Williams

The "experts" are calling the Tea Party folks insane today. They're actually much more aware and better at analyzing history than their ill-informed critics.

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Thomas said...

Jill Lapore, Harvard historian, needs a little bit of Joseph Campbell and a dose of Carl Jung. Of course, citing those two men would interrupt her "narrative" in her agitprop attempt at discrediting the Tea Party. She's so stiff I bet she orders extra starch for her Che Guevara t-shirts at the dry...very dry cleaners.