13 June 2011

Taking Academia To Task

John Kelly took academia to task last September at the American Thinker. He echoed what I've postulated here a number of times:

"Webster's  provides a definition of academic as 'merely theoretical; having no direct practical application.'  Since there are few social or economic theories that have proven as unworkable and impractical as leftist-collectivism, it is fitting that it is currently academia's most widely ascribed-to theory." 

Which should call into question just about everything else they teach.

And . . 

"It is doubtful that history's great movers could have included leaders like our modern academics. Teaching has been long regarded as secondary in importance to actually doing."

Of course, one can't do, until one knows how. And one must be taught to know how, though one can be self-taught. He's a bit tough on the teaching profession there, but I think you get his point.

And . . .

"The academic credential itself has come to overshadow experience, individual merit, and character as a prerequisite to success.  While the academic vision once saw the university as a fountainhead of scholastic truth, it now sees itself as the force of human correction." 

Truth if I ever heard it spoken.

And . . .

"Academia is the foster parent of the entire Woodstock generation, culturally orphaned from their WW II fighting parents whose shoes they never could fill." 

Low whistle . . . I do agree with that statement, generally speaking. This generation is most definitely not made of the same stuff as was the WWII generation.

And . . . 

"Academia, via government, has become so aggrandized that it assumes the right to direct all human arguments. Citizens are to become the obedient students of a more knowing and politically correct class of elites."

Oh yes, that is most definitely true as illustrated with the criticism of the Tea Party.

You can read the piece here.

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