10 June 2011

Where's The Outrage?

I began posting and commenting about the Tea Party back in 2009 - long before the Johnny-Come-Lately critics trying to get noticed. I immediately recognized this movement for what it is - a truly spontaneous, citizen oriented, bottoms-up, grassroots political movement founded on America's history and greatest traditions. Though these amateurs and non-academics sometimes get their history confused, they, in the words of Professor Gordon S. Wood know more than what many give them credit for:

"The Tea Partiers are certainly not scholars, but their emotional instincts about the Revolution they are trying to remember on behalf of their cause may be more accurate than [Jill] Lepore is willing to grant." (Lepore has written an unfavorable book about the TP)

The critics either don't get this or lie about the TP. Many of these critics are "historians" so, yes, this is germane to my blog. The TP has been falsely accused of spitting on members of Congress, using racial slurs, and fomenting violence. The same critics who spread these lies conveniently ignore all the violence and bigotry taking place on the left (the recent Wisconsin protests come immediately to mind).

One of the politicians who has tapped into the TP energy in a positive way is Sarah Palin. She is a favorite target of these leftist hypocrites. They hate her. One of them recently suggested he'd like to see her assassinated - even making a joke about the Kennedy assassination. Have you heard any of these critics express any outrage? No. Why? We know why, don't we?


Brock Townsend said...

Good post.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Brock.

Michael Aubrecht said...

I remember going to see Andrew Dice Clay back in my college days and he was talking about assassinating President Bush (Sr.). No one ever cared about that. This is just another example of shock-value entertainment, or in this case, some immature, off-hand remarks. I would be more worried about the hundreds of 'real' death threats Palin apparently gets (which BTW is telling in itself)than some washed up comedian's tasteless antics. Seems a bit trivial to make such a big deal out of it given the context and 'venue' that it was said in.