14 July 2011

Congratulations To Sculptor Gary Casteel!

**Update: Here come the hyper-critical naysayers. So predictable.

Friend and fellow SCV member, Gary Casteel, recently shared some exciting news with me and I thought I'd pass it along to my readers:

For Immediate Release:
July 12, 2011
Contact:  G. Paul Nardo (804) 698-1619
Susan Clarke Schaar (804) 698-7400

Civil War Commemorative Sculpture Installed in Virginia’s Historic State Capitol

– “Brothers” created and executed by Nationally Recognized Sculpture Gary Casteel –
– Moving Bronze Sculpture on Loan to Capitol by Anonymous Private Collector –

RICHMOND, VA – Coinciding with many special events surrounding the commemoration of the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of Virginia's participation in the American Civil War, a powerful and poignant Civil War Commemorative bronze sculpture was painstakingly installed yesterday in Virginia’s historic State Capitol.  “Brothers,” a life-size sculpture privately commissioned by an anonymous private collector in Fredericksburg and executed in 2010 by nationally recognized sculptor, Gary Casteel is now on public display in the Capitol’s new Visitor extension. 

    The “Brothers” memorial, a two-figure, life-size setting in bronze, is reminiscent of the harsh realities of the American Civil War.  The figures, brother against brother, represent the real possibility of familial recognition by opposing soldiers, one Union, one Confederate, but brothers nonetheless, after the horrific battle that engulfed the countryside near Fredericksburg.

    “The very moving statue is meant to mean different things to different people,” said the anonymous collector. “For me, it is a simple and profound tribute to the common, everyday person who answered the call, left home and family and took part in an epic struggle, as warriors have done throughout the ages.  The image displays fatigue and grief, but also hope and solace that it is over and that a future lies ahead of hope and promise for a unified country bound together in liberty and individual dreams that is America today.”

    Casteel, a West Virginia native, with strong Virginia ties, currently resides in Cashtown, Pennsylvania, near the Gettysburg Military Park, where his equestrian statue of General James Longstreet, which thrust him into the demanding light of success, is installed.  Mr. Casteel's love of history and art are reflected in each individual work, which is certainly the case with the “Brothers” sculpture.  Casteel’s work has become highly regarded and requested by a wide variety of institutions, including the United States National Park Service, state and local governments, corporations and private enterprises.  Other Virginia collections containing Casteel’s work include the Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park, Virginia Military Institute, Museum of the Confederacy and Pamplin Park.

    For more information about the design and execution of the sculpture, Gary Casteel may be contacted directly by phone at (717) 334-0050 or via e-mail at garycasteel@comcast.net.


Thomas said...

It just doesn't fit Levin's indoctrination, meme, and narrative does it? No, we must go on forever hating. That's what makes liberals so endearing...their eternal hatred. People like him should never be anywhere near children...like Bill Ayers. Fun fact: Did you know that the school where Jared Loughner attended was a recipient of one of Ayers grant funding schemes? The students all had the same classmates and same teacher all four years of high school. It's called "Small Schools Workshop" and was founded by Ayers and his proud Maoist communist buddy, Mike Klonsky.
What a great way to have a political commissar (teacher) to keep watch and indoctrinate kids for 4 years!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thomas - I don't think the Bill Ayers comparison is fair. There is little that Kevin and I agree on, but I don't think he's "like Bill Ayers." I do believe, however, KL's narrative template is driving his post.

13thBama said...

"**Update: Here come the hyper-critical naysayers. So predictable."

It helps when you read those posts in the voice of Thurston Howell III.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - my thoughts PRECISELY.

Brock Townsend said...

Thanks and posted.