18 July 2011

Metal Detecting Post #40 - WBTS Artifact Appraisals

Are you, like me, somewhat of a collector of Civil War artifacts? Whether its books or buttons, I love finding and collecting WBTS related items. If you have similar interests, I would recommend readers do what I do every Monday evening at 9 PM EST - tune in to the internet based Relic Roundup "radio" show here. Always interesting and entertaining, the show allows listeners to call in with questions and comments. Also, a chat room operates on the blog at the same time and questions and comments can also be submitted there.

This week's guest will be fellow metal detectorist, and expert Civil War appraiser, Mr. Rafael Eledge . . .

Rafael Eledge is one of the country's most active and knowledgeable experts of Civil War and 19th-century militaria. Mr. Eledge's career began at the ripe age of 11, when he received his first metal detector and began searching around his home state of Tennessee for Civil War artifacts. He continued to gain knowledge and expertise as he attended trade shows, buying and selling pieces to support himself through college . . . He is highly regarded by his peers for his knowledge of artifacts of the American Civil War.

Mr. Eledge is perhaps best known as the expert Civil War appraiser on PBS' Antiques Roadshow. As a matter of fact, tonight's episode will feature a rare WBTS sword. Besides his work with AR, Eledge also owns Shiloh Relics. Tonight's AR program will air at 8 PM EST, one hour prior to the Relic Roundup program, giving me a full WBTS artifact "fix."

BTW, I actually had a dream last night that I had gained permission to metal detect the grounds of Virginia Military Institute! Yes, that would definitely be a dream come true. But . . . ain't gonna happen. :o(

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