21 July 2011

Now We Know Why Leftists Hate The American Flag

I recently uploaded a couple of posts about how some academics view Independence Day. Now comes this.

Just a glimpse at the American flag can sway voters, even Democrats, toward more Republican voting behavior, attitudes and beliefs, a new two-year study says.

This is just getting too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel: Anti-American exceptionalism sentiments popular among "professional" historians, "Social Justice" being taught in public schools, folks suggesting the Founders were Progressives and Socialists - it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

More here.


The Warrior said...

Time to crosspost!

13thBama said...

Do they really believe people are that easily swayed, or are they using it as a pretext to take away those things we love? I think the latter because I could walk up to a democrat rally and the only thing that would be changed is my ability to hold down my lunch.

Thomas said...

Keyword "behavior". Those people are all about "attitude" and "beliefs" but when it comes to "behavior" you'd better be in lock step.

Michael Aubrecht said...

I think I'm more disturbed by the fact that these ridiculous studies are even being conducted. Can't these folks find better things to study? How about a study on the alarming growth of useless studies?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"How about a study on the alarming growth of useless studies?"

Good one Michael. ;o)

I think these studies indicate one of the following:

a.) paranoia on the part of the ruling class
b.) agenda-driven idiocy
c.) an absolute disconnect with the American people by academics
c.) all of the above