13 July 2011

Phonies & Hypocrites

Those who spend any time reading Civil War and history blogs are often subjected to hand-wringing by "educators" and academics over certain groups (usually Confederate/Southern heritage) who ostensibly are perverting the minds of young people by politicizing history. I also recently commented on a Harvard study that suggested 4th of July celebrations were little more than indoctrination events which turn children into Republicans. (See here and here.) Both of these examples are most often private affairs with voluntary participation. 

But I find it quite telling that none of these same professional educators/critics seem to be worried over what's going on with PUBLIC tax dollars and COMPULSORY education. There's good reason. They're phonies and hypocrites. The real politicization of history and education, as well as taking advantage of young people and a captive audience, is taking place in "public" education. Watch the video below.

As a sidebar, a number of these same critics and "experts" have poo-pooed the idea of Marxist "social justice" principles being taught and promoted in public schools. This article shows, again, that these experts are either liars or ignorant. My anecdotal evidence storage bin is now officially full.


Michael Lynch said...

I was sitting right across from my mom when I read your post, and I shared it with her. She taught in both public and private schools for decades and teaches education at a college now. For what it's worth, here's what she said to me:

"Oh, the NEA doesn't tell me what to teach or what to believe. Everybody knows the NEA is a bunch of flaming liberals. That's why so many of us dropped our memberships. They were lobbying for things we didn't agree with. We were only paying dues for the liability insurance anyway; you've got to have liability insurance if you're a teacher. And at one time, here in the county, you had to be a member of NEA to be a member of the local and state agencies. It didn't have anything to do with our politics. Liability insurance was just too expensive. I mean, your dad was a state officer of TEA." (My dad was slightly to the right of Mussolini.)


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No doubt there are many conservatives and traditionalists still involved in public education. I know several and one comments often here. I'm sure you Mom and Dad were/are wonderful educators. I had several excellent teachers when I was in public school. (I also had one who told her class that communism in its "purest form" was the best method to govern a nation.) However, I believe things have changed - for the worse.

The NEA, as well was the "social justice" movement, continue to hold a strong and growing influence over public education, which is part of the reason it is in shambles.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

PS - thanks for your comment Michael. BTW, my oldest daughter is a state-certified teacher but teaches her 4 daughters at home.