14 July 2011

"Public" University Politically Persecutes Student

". . . after learning that their professors were accused of encouraging criminal behavior and recruiting for the Communist Party during class, the first concern of Provost Glen Cope *(UMSL) and Vice Provost Mary Lou Hines Fritts *(UMKC) was to find who leaked the tapes and to punish them." (Emphasis mine.)

And . . .

"The University officials did their damnedest to contrive a way to punish me, all the while bending over backwards to protect their faculty members. They did not determine that I violated a policy, and then subsequently decide that I should be punished. Rather, they first decided that I needed to be punished, and then floundered back and forth trying to invent a reason. On the basis of my political affiliations alone, they clearly had convicted me before I even set had a chance to offer a defense. I showed up to UMSL’s 'investigation' with an attorney. They decided at that point they did not want to talk to me anymore, and all conduct investigations were dropped. As soon as they discovered they couldn’t bully a powerless student, their bravado vanished."

"Their bravado vanished." Yes, typical conduct of cowards.

This young man's experience is extremely disturbing. Particularly so when we know tax dollars support this unprofessional, thuggish conduct. Unbelievable.
More here.

*University of Missouri system - a "public" center for (re?) education.


13thBama said...

I have one question: How do we multiply the investigations into other school faculties and their misuse of school time?

It is time for students to storm the Bastille!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I think you'll see more of this in the future. Iphones. Funny how the libs loved rebellion in the '60's, isn't it? Now that they're the ones in control, it somehow just ain't cool no more. ;o)