07 July 2011

Recommended Site

Jim Cornelius, who is the editor of Nugget News in Sisters, Oregon and a reader of this blog, recently let me know that he has started a new blog titled Frontier Partisan. Here's a teaser:

From the plains of Texas to the vast veldt of southern Africa, from the Canadian prairie to the Caucasus Mountains to the wild Sonoran desert, savage wars raged. Greed and duplicity, cruelty and barbarism held sway on all sides, but so did genuine nobility and heroism as clashes among mere handfuls of men decided the fates of empires.

Jim suggested it might be of interest to readers here. I would agree and suggest readers take a look.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I do really like that site and have bookmarked it!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, looks interesting to me too.