25 August 2011

Breitbart's Big Education - Challenging The Status Quo

As a big advocate of homeschooling and a homeschooling parent, I've been involved in education options and reform since the early 1990's. And, as readers of this blog know, I am also an unapologetic critic of academia and America's government educational system, for a number of reasons. (I am always quick to add that I realize there are many good teachers in public education fighting the good fight - often against a system that actually hinders more than helps their efforts. I have known a number of them - as well as a number of administrators - over the years.)

Now comes the recent announcement from conservative gadfly Andrew Breitbart regarding his newest website. BigEduation.com (not live yet) will address many of the same issues which have been discussed here - indoctrination, failed philosophies and policies, abuse of parents' rights, poor results, etc, etc. Breitbart has a reputation for shaking things up. I suspect his new project will only enhance that reputation, as well as expose the shortcomings of the government's and academia's education monopoly, as well as their desperate attempt to hold on to that monopoly. They will ultimately fail in that attempt. Breitbart discusses this new project and the motivation for it in the video below.

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13thBama said...

This is great. I would like to see a list started of the colleges with the most Marxist staff. I have been shocked by my own research. Go to any college site and search for "Social Justice".