24 August 2011

Civil War Chaplains Project - Please Help

Recently the National Civil War Chaplains Museum submitted several grant proposals to various organizations in order to fund our project of collecting images and information for a database of all of the known Confederate chaplains, priests, and rabbis who served during the War Between the States. (This had already been accomplished for Union Chaplains.) The Museum has received conditional approval of a $5000 grant for one of those requests. Details to come as soon as the grant is confirmed.

2.       The research process for this project is as follows:

A.   The Chaplains Museum will employ a graduate history student from Liberty University to conduct the research.  (In case a graduate history student is not available, a senior history undergraduate will be employed.)
B.   The student will be employed for 40 hours per month at the rate of $10.00 per hour to conduct the research under the supervision of the Museum Director.
C.  The text Faith in the Fight will be utilized in the research.  This book already gives the name, life dates, denomination, and unit association of known CSA chaplains, priests, and rabbis.  However, in some instances not all of this information is available for each figure.  Missing from this listing in the text are images of each and other anecdotal information.
D.  Further research on each figure will be augmented by searches per Ancestry.com, unit histories per the Internet, texts such as Soldiers of the Cross by Kent Dollar, A Narrative of the Great Revival Which Prevailed in the Southern Armies During the Late Civil War by W. W. Bennett, Christ in the Camp by J. William Jones, Religion and the American Civil War by Miller, Stout, and Wilson, and The Spirit Divided:  Memoirs of Civil War Chaplains:  The Confederacy by John Wesley Brinsfield, Jr.
E.  Other contribution sources could include information from institutions such as the Museum of the Confederacy and U. S. Archives and solicitation of chaplain info via the Museum’s web site and CW related publications such as Civil War Courier, Civil War News, and The Confederate Veteran.
F.   Once every four months the information will be collated, organized, and uploaded on the Museum’s data system.
G.  Upon completion of the research, a copy of the data base will be sent to the headquarters of the SCV (as earlier requested) and made available to the public via the Museum’s stipulations.

If any of my readers have ancestors who served as Confederate Chaplains, or, if you have any information, photographs, Bibles, letters, diaries, etc. related to any CSA Chaplain that you'd be willing to either loan or allow the museum to photograph and/or copy, your kindness would be greatly appreciated. 

For further details, you may comment here or contact me or, you may contact the museum's director, Professor Kenny Rowlette at 434-582-2087.

Also, please share this post with anyone who might be able to assist in this project.

*By the way, someone was kind enough recently to loan the museum David Farragut's Bible.


Chaps said...

Brinsfield's books, The Spirit Divided, are great. Did you notice that sermons quoted from northern chaplains are full of: "d**n the rebels,"destroy the South," and "make them suffer." While quoted Confederate sermons are all: "trust in Jesus," "make peace with God," and "renew your faith."

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I have. This is just one of the clear evidences of the theological and cultural differences which many tend to overlook.

Brock Townsend said...

Thanks and posted.

Chaps said...

Fr. Alistair Anderson, as fine a gentleman and veteran as you will ever find, was Chaplain General of the SCV. He wrote a series of articles explaining the great gulf in faith and theology between South and north. It was an honor to be in the same camp as he.