11 August 2011

Darwinism & Socialism - What The gods Have Wrought

"Abused and neglected from the cradle through adolescence, American children watch and learn. And if their parents finally realize the error of their ways, it is often not until they are living their twilight years in solitude because their children are too busy to visit them. There, alone, they spend their idle final days gazing out at their surroundings through iron bars on their windows, welded on to prevent the next generation of children from blowing their brains out." ~ Andrew Thomas

Max Hastings recently wrote a blistering indictment of the root causes of what we've been witnessing in Great Britain. In what could have been film scenes from Mad Max, many of us recoiled in horror at the images of animal-like (feral) children stalking the streets of London fearlessly assaulting, murdering, and burning.

But Hastings' piece is not only an indictment of Great Britain's society - it is also an indictment upon American society, for we suffer from the same ills. 50 years of the Great Society, of relativism, the new morality, Darwinism, socialism - all brought to us by the smartest people in the room - are now yielding a bumper crop of societal ills. The experts on child-rearing, on government policies, and social engineering have bestowed this upon us. These are the same "experts" who tell us every day how to live our lives, how to vote, how to educate our children, what to eat, what to drive, what to believe about our past, and, soon, when to die. Well, we are now witnessing what these experts and their gods have produced: destruction, chaos, and anarchy. Hastings writes:

"They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others."

And why shouldn't they - since that is what Hollywood and the government has taught them. Yes, Mayberry is no longer the norm from Hollywood. Hollywood prefers South Park. And, of course, socialists in our government encourage class-warfare at every available microphone. This justifies a mentality of - "I can take what you have if you have more than I do." What we're seeing in London is just the logical outcome of socialism and Darwinism. The "fittest" are simply "spreading the wealth around" - among themselves. They've learned well.

"Nobody has ever dared suggest to them that they need feel any allegiance to anything, least of all Britain or their community."

Allegiance to a country? You gotta be kiddin' me - sounds like suggesting someone should embrace our equivalent of American Exceptionalism and be proud of their history and culture. That notion is soooo 20th century. No, we are all citizens of the world now. Taking pride in one's own Nation's (especially a Western nation), accomplishments is haughty and outdated.

"Not only do they know nothing of Britain’s past, they care nothing for its present."
Why should they care anything about the past? They should hate it since the past was full of nothing but sexists and racist oppressors.

"These kids are what they are because nobody makes them be anything different or better. "

"Make them different"??!! That would damage their self-esteem. No, can't do that.

"So who is to blame? The breakdown of families, the pernicious promotion of single motherhood as a desirable state, the decline of domestic life so that even shared meals are a rarity, have all contributed importantly to the condition of the young underclass.
The social engineering industry unites to claim that the conventional template of family life is no longer valid."

No further commentary is needed there. Progressive views on the family and raising children are, by every objective statistic available, demonstrably a colossal failure.

"How do you inculcate values in a child whose only role model is footballer Wayne Rooney — a man who is bereft of the most meagre human graces?"

Role models? Aren't role models also heroes? One historian recently opined that "there are no heroes in history." Really? Modernity has taught school children to disdain the heroes many of us looked up to when we were in school. Every mention of a Confederate icon, or even a George Washington, must be accompanied by the obligatory reminder that they were evil slaveowners. Every American patriot must be brought down to the level of moderns, because it is quite evident most moderns don't have the moral aptitude to ascend to theirs. But a world without heroes that leaves a void, a vacuum; which is then filled with celebrity "heroes" who abuse drugs, women, our sensibilities, and themselves - and are paid quite handsomely for it. Of course, it you point that out, you're "judgmental" and "insensitive", blah, blah, blah. And we are then dismayed that children follow suit? The ruling class answers with another government program which will, by design, not solve the problem but create a whole new set of problems and more calls for yet more destructive government intervention.

"A century ago, no child would have dared to use obscene language in class. Today, some use little else. It symbolises their contempt for manners and decency, and is often a foretaste of delinquency."

Obscene language? Nothing is obscene according to the gods of modernity. It's free expression. Had I used obscene language in class when I was in school, I would have been sent home with a note where my mother would have promptly washed my mouth out with soap. Today, I'd be sent to "anger management classes" and my mother would be arrested for child abuse. Contempt for manners and decency? Yes, but where did children learn that? Former high-ranking government officials casually use the "F" word on national television and everyone gets a big ha-ha and yawns. Bloggers who claim to be serious historians lace their posts with profanity and allow others to do so in their comments. Public school teachers publicly use gutter-level bathroom language to insult others - why should we expect children to behave any better that ourselves? Our culture has become coarse, crude, and ugly. And some call that "progress."

Welcome to the brave new world, brought to you by the gods of modernity. 

More of Hastings' essay here.

Fortunately, for me, I am going to take some time tomorrow and escape the insanity that is modernity; where intelligent human beings are afraid to admit what they know in their heart is true because it is not politically correct; where men are afraid to admit they'd send their own sons to the battle front before they'd choose their own daughters for that ugly task, afraid to admit they would prefer their daughter have an escort on certain outings and which they would not give any consideration that their son would need an escort on the same outing. Modernity - where nothing is real and adults prefer to live among unrealistic platitudes that defy the laws of science, nature, and common sense. Yes, I'm escaping Never-Never land for a few hours tomorrow. When the sun rises tomorrow morning, it will find me in a very remote hollow deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains with nothing but a metal detector and my back pack as my companions. Alone with God, nature, and reality.


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