11 August 2011

Manliness Wins Wars

 According to one very brave woman:

"Well, manliness wins wars. Strength and guts plus brains and spirit wins wars. But also, you know what follows manliness? The gentleman. The return of manliness will bring a return of gentlemanliness, for a simple reason: masculine men are almost by definition gentlemen. Example: If you're a woman and you go to a faculty meeting at an Ivy League University you'll have to fight with a male intellectual for a chair, but I assure you that if you go to a Knights of Columbus Hall, the men inside (cops, firemen, insurance agents) will rise to offer you a seat. Because they are manly men, and gentlemen." ~ Peggy Noonan, contributing editor to The Wall Street Journal

More here.

BTW, is Ms. Noonan a sexist?


The Warrior said...

This is great! Very, very true...and no, she isn't sexist. What do you think?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I think she has more guts than some men I know.

Chaps said...

When I served as chaplain for a Marine infantry regiment, we had a week-long professional development course for all area chaplains. I don't remember the topic but I'll never forget the female chaplain of the division's artillery regiment standing before the group and giving a spirited talk on why women should never be assigned to the Fleet Marine Force. She ended with this, "I am the only one here who can say this but you all know it to be true." Standing ovation.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Chaps - another brave woman! Bravo!

Chaps said...


She also flew a Third National on her house.... on base!