10 August 2011

NFL To Allow Women To Play

The NFL announced last night that, starting in 2012, the league will allow women to play. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement to a group of reporters outside the NFL headquarters in New York City early Wednesday evening. He said he hoped the decision to include female players would convey the NFL’s more “feminine” and “progressive” sides . . . “The National Football league was once considered a bastion of masculinity. That women can now participate in it is a huge step for gender equality.”

I must admit, I never thought I'd see this. Well, of course, it just makes sense, doesn't it? Based on recent discussions here (after I mentioned my son had decided against attending VMI back in the '90's due to their going co-ed), I thought this announcement was quite timely. The NFL is finally shedding its sexism. Time does indeed march on. We are definitely making progress as a society. I'm sure the NFL will survive and that all the old traditions will continue - it will certainly be entertaining, won't it? Nothing like seeing a 6' 10", 380 pound lineman running at a full gallop and lower his helmet as he nails a 165 pound powerhouse of a woman quarterback right in the gut - yeah, can't wait! And don't worry, physical standards won't be lowered - no sirree! The NFL actually has plans to toughen their practices and guidelines. 2012 is sure to be a bang up season. Nothing quite like brutalizing those physically weaker than you, is there?

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The Warrior said...

I was about to say something, but I can't really do it properly, with words usable in mixed company...besides, you said it all, anyway.


Michael Lynch said...

You guys know this is Weekly World News we're talking about, right?


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, Michael. Satire. Absurdity to illustrate the absurd.