29 September 2011

Duck Head, Khakis, & The Civil War

I posted about the resurrection of the Duck Head brand a while back. Here's the video that takes a quick look at the company's history. I'm working on a *couple of articles about the company for publication in some national journals/magazines. More to come on that very soon.

*After my last book, the documentary, and the Washington Times Civil War print column fading away, I've not published nor worked on anything outside of my blog. All of those previous projects were several years ago. I simply did not have the time nor energy. As I write this post, I now have four articles in the hopper, as well as a book. What was I thinking?!

I'm very excited about two of the articles and hope to be able to announce something about one of them next week.


Duck Head Apparel said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the fascinating profile on Duck Head Apparel. This video of our brand's history has gotten a great response.

The entire Duck Head family is proud to have the brand back home in Nashville, TN where it all started in 1865 by the O'Bryan Brothers.

Be sure to keep up to date on Duck Head's progress at http://facebook.com/DuckHeadApparel

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks! I'd love to do a detailed piece on the history of Duck Head and the O'Bryan brothers. Keep in touch and Merry Christmas!