08 September 2011

History For Canting Ideologues

". . . in these dreariest of days in Academia . . . American history has largely become a plaything for canting ideologues . . . our times call for a correct ideological line, which at its increasingly popular extreme regards the Old South as a rehearsal for Nazi Germany and calls for the eradication of all traces of the conservative voices that have loomed so large in southern history . . . [There is a] step-by-step domination of departments of history in our southern as well as northern universities by those who regard what Richard Weaver aptly called the Southern Tradition and all its works as an evil past to be exorcised by all means, fair and foul." ~ Eugene D. Genovese (The Southern Front - History and Politics in the Cultural War, page 25.)

Can anyone, with a straight face, argue this isn't fact? Isn't this "exorcism" a common thread which runs through many Civil War blogs, some quite obvious, others more subtle? The Flat-Earthers will continue to deny.


13thBama said...

This is Amazon's description of the book:

Book Description
Publication Date: May 1995
Marxist historian Eugene Genovese has had a profound influence on the fields of Southern history and black studies and has made a significant contribution to intellectual exchange. In this book, Genovese offers a series of engaging and highly provocative reflections on history--particularly Southern history--and politics in the cultural war.

13thBama said...

Wow! Here is part of the wikipedia write up on Genovese:

Eugene Dominic Genovese (born May 19, 1930) is an American historian of the American South and American slavery. He has been noted for bringing a Marxist perspective to the study of power, class and relations between planters and slaves in the South. His work Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made won the Bancroft Prize. Since then, however, he has abandoned the Left and Marxism and embraced traditionalist conservatism. Emphasis mine.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Interesting, isn't it? His books reveal he's been open-minded and balanced. Those traits do, generally and eventually, lead one to the truth.