13 September 2011

Lexington & Rockbridge County Are One

. . . at least when it comes to tourism. I've seen comments on other Civil War blogs and forums suggesting that those Rockbridge County residents who voiced their opinions at the recent Lexington City Council meeting about banning the Confederate flag, should be viewed as "outsiders." That is truly an ignorant statement coming from those who really are outsiders - most who don't live anywhere near the area. 

First of all, the city of Lexington is the County seat of Rockbridge County. There is a definite connection - culturally, socially, and economically. Secondly, part of this whole debate is about tourism. The cities of Lexington and Buena Vista, along with Rockbridge County, all joined together years ago to collaborate in the promotion of tourism through the visitor's center located in Lexington. What city council does when it comes to these types of issues impacts everyone in these localities. 

To suggest that Rockbridge county residents don't have a stake in this and their opinion shouldn't matter is ridiculous - more nonsense from real outsiders, as is the notion that most locals who spoke were in favor of the ordinance. The reports I've read stated the exact opposite. Just more propaganda and misinformation to spin an agenda.

The city of Lexington, in their desire to remain as PC as possible in a city that drips with Confederate nostalgia, was also instrumental in preventing the Museum of the Confederacy from locating there a few years ago (I'd bet they'd like another chance at that decision now). The negative economic impact (jobs, tax revenue) from that short-sighted decision is difficult to fathom. Now they've acted in a way which will, at least to some degree, put more of a damper on an industry already suffering.

Congratulations council. At least you continue to live up to your reputation.

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Brock Townsend said...

Well said and posted.