27 September 2011

The V.A. Tries To Suppress Christianity - FAILS

Perhaps the Veterans Administration is part of that misinformed, under-educated crowd that doesn't understand America's Judeo-Christian foundation. A group of veterans recently took the V.A. to school to get their mind right:

Last week, the Veteran’s Administration agreed to settle the lawsuit regarding censorship of freedom of speech and freedom of religion at the Houston National Cemetery.
The administration of this cemetery had forbidden "grieving families and volunteer groups to not use the words 'God' or 'Jesus' at any funeral ceremony without . . . prior approval." (I assume Gaia was acceptable. I think they also allowed prayers to Mr. Rogers and the Frog god.)

Sorry, but, as we say here in western Virginia, "that dog won't hunt." The V.A. got their snooty little noses bloodied in a rather stunning fashion. A settlement over a pending lawsuit states:

  • The VA will not interfere with prayers during burial services.
  • The VA will not edit or control the speeches of speakers at ceremonies or events at the cemetery containing religious messages or viewpoints and cannot ban religious words in verbal communications between the volunteers and veteran’s families.
  • The VA will not ban religious speech or words like “God” or “Jesus” in condolence cards or gifts.
  • Payment by the VA of the veterans groups’ $215,000 in legal fees.
  • The VA will have a Bible, Cross and Star of David placed on an open shelf within the Chapel, that will be easily accessible and available for use by families if they so choose.
  • The local members of VFW District 4 and Houston National Memorial Ladies would resign their positions as official VA volunteers. They will be free to provide their own texts of recitations to funeral homes so that veterans’ families can decide if they would like these groups to provide any services at the cemetery.

Slam dunk. Eat that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Gotta love it when these elitist creeps get their due. Complete story here.


13thBama said...

This is good news. I wonder how many more VA districts were doing this and no one spoke up about it?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - I gotta believe this is an isolated incident. I doubt this would fly anywhere in the U.S.

13thBama said...

Ms. Ocasio is an appointee. Is it surprising that she is from Chicago? Isn't Houston also the home of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - No, it does not. Chicago has a history of thuggery, doesn't it?

13thBama said...

The VA and its branches should be run by veterans, not politicians. We have plenty of retired Generals that could fill the positions. Miss Ocasio could give a flying fig about veterans and their needs.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

She's been schooled.