27 October 2011

Bobby Horton On Shiloh & Dixie

Thanks to David Corbett for passing this along to me. Horton comments on the stacking of several Confederate soldiers into one burial grave. Sad, but not all that unique during times of war. My own great-great grandfather shares a grave with two other Confederate soldiers in Oakwood Cemetery.

Still coming . . . Institutional Academia, The Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street ~ Who's Right?


Brock Townsend said...

Just wonderful. I have all his cassettes of Confederate songs from way back when. Thanks and posted.

13thBama said...

I regret not watching this sooner. I instantly recognized the accent and then my eye was drawn to the red St. Andrew's Cross on the white background hanging from his bookshelf. Roll Tide!

One of my ancestors was wounded at Shiloh in the foot from grape shot. I guess it kept him out of the action from then on.