19 October 2011

Lee Decides The Fate Of The Despised Occupiers

*Taken yesterday at an "Occupy Wall Street" kumbaya event in Charlottesville:

As Virginia's peerless Chieftain turns and rides away in disgust, he passes judgment on the despised occupiers of Virginia's sacred sod and utters his famous last words: "Strike the tent!"

*Thanks to Doug Hill for sharing the photo.


13thBama said...

Tents should not be allowed. Nor campfires. Nor porta potties. If you encourage them to live there, they will.

Michael Aubrecht said...

God forbid people with views different fom yours Bama be able to openly voice them in the public arena. Perhaps if this was a protest to remove women from military schools, or make homsexual marriage illegal, or get MSNBC taken off the air - you would be right there camping with them.

I must say that I am quite bothered by the Right's ongoing issue with this. These folks are tearing the Obama Administration to shreds for their economic irrespsonibility and you still despise them.

I guess that you only support freedom of speech and the right to assemble when it's your side's views being represented. Maybe if these folks got some tri-corned hats and a Gadsden Flag you might cut them a break.

13thBama said...

Nice tirade Michael. You need to get out more. My comment was on the illegality of sleeping overnight in a public place. It is illegal for me to do it. It is illegal for you to do it. Why are they allowed to do it?

I have nothing against protests. It is their right. I DO have a problem with socialists masquerading as law abiding citizens when in fact they want nothing more than to tear down our government and way of life.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Michael - you sure make a lot of assumptions from 19 words. Gee whiz. And, as usual, they all appear to be wrong. First of all, homosexual marriage is not illegal in VA (nor anywhere else that I know of), though marriage between couples of the same sex is illegal - the same way it is in the vast majority of states in the U.S.

We already know you are "bothered by the Right." Regarding the Obama administration, several polls have shown that a majority of OWS folks plan on voting for Obama again, though there is some dissent in their ranks.

Your last comment reveals your real issue - you hate Tea Party conservatism and will hook up with anyone who opposes them. Your opposition appears to really have very little to do with history. 13B made absolutely no mention whatsoever of the political issues you brought up - he was simply pointing out things which go beyond speech and demonstrations. Signs posted at that park clearly state its closed between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.

No one here opposes freedom of speech (I make commenting available at my blog), nor the right to assemble. But those rights are for people, not tents. I tell you what, once these folks vacate that park, you go to the city and ask for a permit to camp there with your family and see what they say.

Stay tuned for next post on this issue.

13thBama said...

Your points:

- protest to remove women from military schools,

Answer: I served with women IN the military. If I wanted them out, I would have spoke up then.

- or make homsexual marriage illegal,

Answer: I don't agree with it, but it is legal. We are a nation of laws. I support our laws. I took an oath to do so.

- or get MSNBC taken off the air - you would be right there camping with them.

Answer: you are projecting again. It is the left that want FOX off the airways. The left are pushing the "fairness" doctrine.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - nice response Sir! Especially about wanting someone off the air. It is always the left wanting to shut down debate and free speech, which is why we have PC speech codes on college campuses and, as you point out, the attempt to revive the Fairness [sic] doctrine.

Brock Townsend said...

Good find and posted.