03 November 2011

Follow Up To "A Nine Hour Relic Hunt"

I've been wanting to wrap up the production and editing of video footage from my last relic hunt, but have realized that I'll actually have enough footage to make two videos. I also wanted to wait until I finished the preservation work on the 1841 iron musket butt I found. I've been using electrolysis to remove the worst of the rust and now have to do some of the finer work on it and then seal it. I want to include the before and after results in the video, along with some additional commentary regarding my finds. I think it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, here is a photo of 2 of the bullets I found - one Burnside and one Confederate Enfield. If all goes as planned (which it rarely does), I'll have the Occupy/Tea Party/Academia post up later tonight and the two Diggin' in the Old Dominion episodes up by Saturday night. I'm also working on a couple of posts pointing out how some academic historians seem to be more leftist politician than objective historian.

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