16 November 2011

Lincoln Controls The South

The party of Lincoln, that is. This ties in to another recent post.

As the last state legislative races were called this week from the Nov. 8 votes in Virginia and Mississippi, the party of Abraham Lincoln now controls both chambers of every state legislature in the 11 former states of the Confederacy, with the sole exception of Arkansas. And Arkansas Republicans need to flip only a handful of seats in 2012 to make the trend unanimous.
Story here.

I also want to give readers a heads up about an upcoming post. In response to a comment made by Michael Aubrecht regarding my "extreme" political views, I'll be uploading a post about who in America is REALLY extreme, out of touch, and out of the mainstream. I've alluded to this post a couple of times, but just have not taken the time to wrap it up. I will do so very soon. The piece will be relevant to history. Michael also took me to task for my criticism of institutional academia. The upcoming post will incorporate a response to that as well. While I've already provided ample evidence to support my positions, this should put the last nail in the coffin. Facts are stubborn things.

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