04 November 2011

Metal Detecting Post #52 - 1841 Musket Butt Plate Restored

Below are some before and after pics of a butt plate from an 1841 musket (as best as I can determine). I dug it recently on a WBTS battlefield (on private property) here in the Valley. As you can see, 150 years in the dirt has not been kind to it. The after pics are the result of over 20 hours of electrolysis and lots of elbow grease combined with various wire brushes and a Dremel. I then put 2 coats of Briwax on it to seal it. I think the finished product is quite beautiful. (Yeah, I know - I'm weird.) I'll feature more information about this relic, as well as my other recent finds in two upcoming videos. I hope to have them done by tomorrow some time.

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