07 November 2011

More Psycho-Babble On The Confederate Flag

According to a new "study", its the Confederate flag's fault that some folks in the South can't support Barack Obama - because of his race, of course.

Quoting from the "study":

. . . participants primed with the Confederate flag reported less willingness to vote for Obama than those primed with a neutral symbol.

Hmmm . . . then how do you explain the fact Herman Cain has opened up a wide lead in the South Carolina Republican primary polling? (Mr. Cain is also black - just in case you missed that.) That's right - South Carolina - the hotbed of secession sentiments, Confederate nostalgia, and the location of the best known fight over public display of the Confederate battle flag. Gee, that really throws a wrench in the study's premise, doesn't it? I think the fact is this has a whole lot more to do with Mr. Obama's Marxist political bent than it does the color of his skin. Mr. Cain is politically conservative and a Tea Party favorite. Mr. Obama - well, not so much. It's policy, not race, for all you geniuses who need "studies" to figure all this out.

But one should think about the "study" on the Confederate flag and voting patterns in light of this "study" and voting patterns:

Just a glimpse at the American flag can sway voters, even Democrats, toward more Republican voting behavior, attitudes and beliefs, a new two-year study says.

So, here's what we can actually conclude from these two "studies." Exposure to either the Confederate flag or the American flag tends to make some folks shun leftist candidates and embrace candidates who espouse a more traditional, conservative political philosophy.  I don't think we really need navel-contemplating, time-wasting studies by sociologists and psychologists to explain what many folks already understand. It's simple: Hardcore leftists don't like ANY flag that reminds them of any form of patriotism. It really is that simple. And these folks wonder why fewer and fewer people take them seriously. Amazing.


Brock Townsend said...

Well said and posted. Brilliant psychologists, no less.

13thBama said...


Who freed the slaves? What party was he in? What party made up the Klan? Help me remember.