30 November 2011

Stonewall Jackson's Prayer Oak Stolen

*UPDATE: Not stolen after all. Story here.

The famous oak tree was toppled by high winds this past June. Now, thieves have stolen the "remains."

"A 350-year-old oak known as the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree was reported stolen Tuesday, the Augusta County Sheriff's Office said."

The owner had donated the tree from which items were to be crafted and sold, with the funds being donated to the Wounder Warriors project.

I'm curious as to why someone would steal it though. They can't sell it without being caught. Perhaps some ole boy is, as I type this, warming his feet by a log fire. Oh, perish the thought. Let's all pray the thief/thieves get caught.

Fellow CW blogger Robert Moore gives a good summation of how the tree came to be known as "Jackson's Prayer Tree" here.

More here.

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Thomas said...

Was it the praying part or the fact Thomas was a Confederate? You never know with the PC crowd nowadays. Probably both in their inestimable opinion.