02 December 2011

I'm Against Private Property - Unless It's My Own

Oh, this is just getting too easy. Even The Daily Show couldn't resist.

But, hey, at least they're not the "extremist, right-wing" Tea Party History Twisters, right? Check out what academic historians are saying about the OWS folks here. Observe and learn. Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . where are those objective critics? And let's not forget, many other "historians" who took the Tea Party to task claim they did so because of their "twisting of historical facts." That's a lie. That narrative is nothing more than a rather lame attempt to disguise their real issue with the Tea Party - hatred for old-fashioned conservatism. I know this because none of these same objective critics have expressed the same vehement disgust for the left's astroturf version of the TP - the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Originally, one of these critics said that this was because the OWS crowd wasn't using history in their political agenda. Another lie. These critics also made unfounded claims of violence, extremism, and racism within the ranks of the TP movement. Yet another lie. As I've already pointed out, that very accurately describes the OWS movement, not the Tea Party. But no admission from the political hacks posing as historians. They've got skin in the game. Gotta stay the course and try to save face. Save face? Their faces have egg all over it.

The bottom line is this: these pseudo-historians have decided to hitch their wagon to a movement with documented elements of antisemitism, support of the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, USA, Hugo Chavez, and other thuggish regime leaders; a movement that has a running rap sheet which includes multiple rapes, sexual assaults, public nudity, public sex, vandalism, taunting school children, defecating on police cars and in churches, drug dealing, and the list goes on and on and on. Yet, these "historians" and ruling class know-nothings are still claiming it's the Tea Party which is extreme and that the OWS is "mainstream." Wow.

The title of this post, and the line uttered by the fellow in the video with the iPad, illustrates very clearly one of the main problems with OWS and their hacks in academia - inconsistency, hypocrisy, and a fundamental lack of understanding of American history. So, you go ahead and continue to live in your alternate universe, attack American Exceptionalism and join the love-in with the OWS folks. Yes indeed, go right ahead. And while you do so, the rest of us will sit back and laugh at your idiocy.

Now, I'm done suffering fools for a while. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a fresh-cut Christmas tree with one of my daughters and granddaughters from a local farmer and then I'm going relic huntin'.

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13thBama said...

As always, you are right on the money.