22 December 2011

Political Correctness Costs Taxpayers

There was quite a bit of high-fiving and cheering when the Texas DMV rejected the Sons of Confederate Veterans' request for a specialty license plate last month. But I've not seen much mentioned about the fact the Texas Division of the SCV has since filed suit in Federal court (how ironic) against the state of Texas. Once again cowardly, Orwellian PC nonsense acted out by politicians and bureacrats will end up costing the taxpayers money in order for Texas to defend its silly decision to deny the SCV their 1st amendment rights. As the LA Times reported:

Nine other states have approved Sons of Confederate Veterans' specialty plates, but Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina only did so after the group sued. A similar suit is pending in Florida.
As in previous cases, I predict Texas will lose this case as well. There's very strong precedent favoring the SCV. Way to go Texas. You're known for being "big" - in this case, big fools.

Read more here in the LA Times piece

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