17 January 2012

13 Is Closer To 11 Than 60 Is To 50

But who's counting? Some folks are having fun with a recent video put out by the SCV which refers to there being 13 Confederate states rather than 11. Oh, and God forbid, they're making money! Capitalist pigs.

But I don't quite get the big controversy. The Confederate Congress recognized 13 states for a number of reasons. What would one expect them to say "Hey, we can't do that - the Feds are telling us that there's only 11!" Since when does one nation let another determine its political divisions? But, this is the logic of some academic historians - anything that allows them to poke fun at the SCV and the Southern Heritage folk, even when there's no real basis for it. Speaking of academic historians, since many of these same folks endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008, they should at least acknowledge that 13 is much closer to 11 than 57 60 is to 50:

Yes, 60. Listen carefully. I would hasten to add that at least the Confederate government could make a coherent argument for recognizing 13 states. I'd love to hear the one for 60. (Do the math - since he's not counting Alaska and Hawaii: 57 + the mystery state + Alaska + Hawaii - yes, it's 60!) Ok, we need 10 more quarters, on the double. And someone needs to inform the US Mint about this. And the nerve of the Federal government - making money on coinage! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I reckon the teleprompter was broken that day. I suppose it is difficult to recall all those pesky little details about the United States - all 60 of them.

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