11 January 2012

America's Hunger For Heroes

"Ever hungry for an authentic hero, Americans have turned to Tim Tebow. Greek columns and Teleprompters have schooled us on how to discern the sincere from the bogus, and with Barack Obama as the measure, Tim Tebow's gold stands in contrast to Obama's dross."

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This is such a striking contrast between the two America's - Obama, the phony god of America's ruling class elites and academia contrasted against a real hero - a homeschooled (mocked and despised by the elites), Bible believing Christian. Such a teachable moment and reality check.

Bitter-clingers trump bumbling arrogance.


Kirk Richeum said...

From what I have heard, the Bronco's were in the wrong formation and a flag should have been sent a flying. But alas...it was not.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Actually, an official NFL spokesman said that no flag should have been thrown. The rule is not enforced that closely. It's a common infraction that officials are evidently lenient about calling.