20 January 2012

City Of Lexington In Civil Contempt

For those interested in the facts and the legal issues involved in the Lexington flag flap, you can go to this link and read the actual suit filed against the City of Lexington by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The pleading reads, in part:

". . . the Defendants are in violation of, and therefore in civil contempt of, the Consent Decree entered on August 13, 1993 . . ."

Knowing the back story, it's quite clear the SCV has a very strong case. The City of Lexington really is going to have a difficult time explaining the sequence of events on this issue - this will come out in the court proceedings. It's rather apparent what their intent was in passing the flag ordinance. That, I believe, will be the trap that snares them - and they set it themselves. Due to the original order and the obvious intent of the recent ordinance, I believe the court will see through the farce presented by the City of Lexington's attorneys and that the court will rule in favor of the SCV.


Peter MacHare said...

I was in Lexington for the Lee-Jackson Day parade. Lexington's ill-considered act has certainly encouraged folk to bring more Confederate flags than before. And certainly it is odd to celebrate diversity by exclusion. On the positive side, the city had banners celebrating both Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King Jr hung across the streets, wherein I think lies the answer: can't we celebrate both? The fact that the holidays are the same weekend encourages a dual celebration. Get with it, Lexington!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Peter. Yes, ironic, isn't it? There were guffaws of complaints about having to see any Confederate flag flying for just a few days a year, now they're flying much more frequently and so many more of them. Stupid politicians. Quite telling that those elites who shout the loudest for free expression/speech and diversity are also the first to use their power to exclude the same. Hypocrites.

Brock Townsend said...

Good deal and posted.