18 January 2012

God Created Man - Sam Colt Made Them Equal

This is a preview for a new documentary being produced about the Colt 1911. It's right interesting. Colt still uses machines that have been operating for over 80 years in their manufacturing process.

Below is a much longer film documenting the history of Colt firearms from the Tales of the Gun series. I've not watched all of it yet, but the first few minutes make me want to watch the rest of it soon. I think I'll watch it later tonight on my brand new, dual HD monitor, blazing fast, 7i processor, Dell Optiplex PC! Yes, its true, I finally decided it was time to retire my 8 year old Dell Optiplex - along with the 11 year old HP monitor. (My kids tell me I should donate the monitor to the Smithsonian.) That old PC has been clunking along ok in recent months, though it had been getting buggier and bugger. But it was recently infected with a very nasty worm virus (from another CW blog no less) and it was going to cost me about $200 for a professional "cleaning." Unfortunately, I may have lost most of the files from the book I'd been working on as well. Won't know until later this week. I did back those files up, but the back up files may be corrupted as well. I was already thinking about retiring the old computer, so the virus just gave me the motivation I needed. 

Getting the new PC will make it much easier for me to produce some more history film shorts - something I really enjoy doing. I'm also still working on the "Tour of My Office" video and, at some point in the near future, I'll post a video along with some commentary about a very special Colt firearm that I inherited from my Grandfather.


13thBama said...

I love the 1911. Unfortunately, I can't afford one. I got a good price on an H&K USP instead.

Lindsay said...

I recently acquired a nasty bug from a CW blog as well...thank goodness love blinded me into marrying a techie, it has saved me fortunes.

Can't wait to see the tour of your office video, my interest is peaked!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - never owned a 1911. Almost bought a Mustang .380 a few years ago before they discontinued them. (They're bringing them back this year.) Instead I bought a Walther PPK - 007's gun. But I didn't like it, so I sold it. I might take another look at the Mustang when it comes out. It looks like a nice conceal carry weapon.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Lindsay - send me a private email about which blog it was - if you don't mind. I narrowed it down to two, but I don't want to mention them publicly because I'm not sure. I'm sure it was nothing intentional.

I've actually done the opening for the office tour - just can't seem to find the time to finish it up. Soon, I hope. I'm doing it as much for my children as anyone.