17 January 2012

I Used To Be A Janitor - And Proud Of It

At the Republican debate last night, leftist commentator Juan Williams (who I actually like) defaulted to the common, non-thinking, leftist position: race-baiting. 

Juan Williams suggested that Newt Gingrich's “poor kids should be janitors” remark was about race. "Can't you see that this is viewed, at a minimum, as insulting to all Americans, bur particularly to black Americans?" "No.  I don't see that," Gingrich said to wild applause.

I grew up, during my teen years, in a broken home. My mother and father divorced when I was 12. Mom worked part time to help supplement the child support. She did the best she could. She didn't have money to pass out. My grandparents also helped out quite a bit, but they didn't dole out cash to me either. I was, by much of society's definition, a "poor kid." I got my first job when I was 14 - as a janitor. I was proud to earn my own money. I was thankful for having a job as a janitor. I remain thankful, to this day, to the man who gave me that opportunity. It was excellent training for me - as it would be for ANY  teenager, regardless of the color of their skin. In 1982, after I was married, I lost my job in a local factory. But I got hired part-time; again, as a janitor. And, once again, I was glad and grateful for the opportunity. Juan Williams' comment reveals the absolute moral and intellectual bankruptcy of leftist ideology.

End or rant. Regular programming will now continue.


Lindsay said...

I like Juan Williams too, but even he can't help himself sometimes...

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I think he's knowledgeable and usually pretty fair - traits not shared by many in his trade. He may have just been following a script, who knows? But he should have known better.