02 February 2012

History Site Recommendation

Just a sample of Josh's amazing finds. More here.
I just posted a new link to my Civil War Relic Hunting page: The C.S. Sentinel Relic Forum. This is the site of my friend and fellow Sons of Confederate Veterans member, Josh Silva. As Josh explains: 

"This site is dedicated to the Relic Hunter and Treasure Seeker. Be it Civil War, Colonial or otherwise, this is a place for you to call home and discuss the subjects and that part of the hobby that we really enjoy. It is said that 'History is who we are' so then, it is up to us to preserve 'who we are' by saving our history. Everyone of you are patriots for going out each day and seeking to save those pieces of our heritage that our ancestors and forefathers left to the pages of time. It is up to us to save these historical items for future generations to prove that our history WAS real and tangible. Every relic uncovered is another piece of our heritage preserved!" 

Josh has a Bachelors degree with dual majors in both History with an emphasis on the Civil War and Political Science/Pre-Law, from Old Dominion University, and is presently working on his Masters Degree. Josh has also studied archaeology and made friends with some folks who were able to provide him with the distinct honor, pleasure, and privilege of excavating with the Archaeological Dept. of William and Mary University at the Jamestown settlement for 3 continuous summers. [I'm green with envy!]

Josh and I have both been invited to participate in the 21st Diggin' in Virginia event next month. The DIV events are invitational Civil War relic hunts held several times a year. We use the same machines and I'm hoping Josh can give me some pointers with one of those units. Hopefully, I'll have some video and photos of our finds to post after the event.


Brock Townsend said...

Good deal and posted.

Lindsay said...

Well this is really neat, I have enjoyed browsing through! Looking forward to sharing more of your relic hunting finds with my students - we start studying the Civil War in March, so get ready :)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Brock.

Hey Lindsay, that's great. My next "big" hunt isn't until near the end of March, but I'll be doing some smaller hunts between now and then. Hopefully, I'll find something worth posting. Right now, I'm restoring an old, double-bitted ax head I found on a local farm. I'm filming the process.

13thBama said...

Could you bring someone along to do the video/photography? :)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey 13B - I wish we could. You'd be welcome. They have strict rules against guests though.