17 February 2012

Hunting History

Sometime within the next few days, I will be exploring an old roadbed (long since abandoned) that was used before and during the WBTS. The road is located on a farm here in the Valley. I am acquainted with the owner. The home located on the property dates to the early 19th century and was once occupied by a prominent Valley family. There is quite a bit of history associated with the property. I'll be using both modern and period maps to locate the old roadbed and I'll also be doing some initial fieldwork with a metal detector to help locate anything of historical significance or interest. Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to report back.


13thBama said...

There is a place like that near me. Route 11 used to run east of the house and now runs west of it. I would imagine there would be quite a bit of stuff around what would have been the old creek bed bridge. My wife does some work with the owners. If it sounds interesting drop me an email.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast said...

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Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

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