14 March 2012

Historians Can't Be Republicans Anymore

*Update #5 - I guess it should now come as no surprise, but Michael has, once again, removed his last response to all this. Quite amazing to observe.

*Update #4 - This is becoming a bit monotonous. I wish these fellas would make up their minds. Now, Kevin has removed the post I linked to below. Kevin posts the Palin video, Michael posts the Palin video. I link to Michael's post, he removes the post. I comment on and link to Kevin's post, and he removes the post. Great minds do think alike. ;o)

*Update #3 - Kevin Levin has now  joined in - this is getting hilarious. Kevin doesn't seem to think there's any connection to Michael's almost simultaneous posting of the Palin video and Michael's new found love for Kevin's perspectives. I'm just imagining it all. Whatever. Michael even admits it which, apparently, embarrasses Kevin. I don't think Kevin appreciates Michael's admiration. Too late Kevin, you've earned it fair and square. Don't be so humble. Just accept the adulation and bask in the limelight ole buddy.

*Update #2 - Michael has responded to this post. You can read the response here. He doubles down with the following:

". . . historians can't be Republicans anymore. . . no self-respecting historian could possibly support a political party whose beloved mouthpieces include historically-retarded folks like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann."

So Michael is actually suggesting that someone shouldn't be a historian because of their political views? Hmmm . . . where have I heard that before? And he accuses the right of "not defending America's freedoms and liberties"? Wow. But, again, I suppose it's ok for a historian to support  a political party whose beloved mouthpieces include Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, George Soros, and Bill Maher. Absolutely surreal.

And I'm not quite sure why he's so upset about me responding to his posts. Does he think his posts/opinions are above scrutiny and criticism?

*Update - Michael has removed the post linked below. But he actually said that historians can't be Republicans. That's right, a political test for "historians." Actually, that's what many on the left really believe.

According to blogger Michael Aubrecht anyway. But I suppose it's ok if they're Democrats. Michael's mentor, Kevin Levin, posted the same video. I hear that video is running in all 57 states (or is it 58 or 59?) and I've also heard it's been shown to a number of corpsemen. Whew, thank God we ain't got a dummy like Sarah Palin for President.

Once mortal enemies, it's become apparent that Kevin was successful in converting Michael to his way of thinking. Nice work Kevin. I would not, however, get your hopes up as far as I'm concerned. ;o)

Yes, I'm back from the Deep South (the Bahamas) and I'm already wishing I'd stayed a bit longer.


Brock Townsend said...

According to blogger Michael Aubrecht

Bad link, but much better than Lenin's commentors.......)

13thBama said...

Multiple personality disorder perhaps? I thought he wasn't reading this blog anymore?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - don't know. I just wish they'd make up their minds.