10 March 2012

March Adventures

Have boots. Will travel. Posting will not be as frequent in the coming weeks as I'm leaving the country on an adventure for a few days and then, not long after I return, I'll be participating in an invitational Civil War relic hunt. I'm also trying to complete my book and am working on some other exciting projects as well. I did have a few posts I wanted to complete before my departure, including another response to Professor Brooks Simpson who spends a lot of time ignoring me; as well as another post on American Exceptionalism. But both will probably have to wait until later this month. I do have Part 3 in my "We Save History" series coming up tomorrow. Comment moderating may be sporadic or even non-existent while I'm away as I'm not sure about the availability of internet service where I'll be going. If there is service available to me, I'll load a post or two from my "secret" location.


13thBama said...

Fair winds and following seas Richard. Stay safe.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks 13B - we're back and had a great time. Explored some of the history of the islands while I was there. I find the culture and people quite intriguing and most delightful.