19 April 2012

Dr. Tom Landess - R.I.P.

I was  unaware that Tom Landess passed away this past January. A true Southern scholar and member of a dying breed, he will be sorely missed. 
The South, let it be said, is a very unique culture and self conscious of itself as different from other parts of the country.  Though defeated in war and dominated for many years by fools, buffoons, corrupt politicians and later, bankers, Southern scholarship particularly in Literary Criticism and Literature was “world class.”  

The rest of this fitting and informative tribute can be read here at the Yorktown Patriot.

And, from the Washington Times:

America lost an unsung hero on Jan. 8 with the passing of Thomas H. Landess. To say that Tom was an accomplished Southern academic would be like saying that Robert H. Goddard was a guy who liked to tinker with rockets . . . Over the years, he tried, gloriously and at least somewhat successfully, to get Yankee friends like me to acknowledge the Southern side of the War Between the States . . .

Read the rest of that tribute here and an obituary here and another tribute here.

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