11 April 2012

Next Up - More Spring Reading

 ". . . distaste for the revisionism of the New Left historians who depict the American story as an epic of oppression. The norm is to write for one's fellow historians, he says, but that seems to me to be wrong-headed and to result in stultifying reading. I have chosen, instead, to write for that elusive critter called the general reader, or, more precisely, for the vast number of people who genuinely love history for its own sake--which, as will become evident, I regard as eliminating a sizable majority of professional historians." ~ Amazon.com (Emphasis mine.)

From the front flap of the book:

"Renowned for his sly wit and iconoclasm, he is also a conservative in a mostly liberal profession, a man who believes [as do I] that his discipline has been subverted by those who serve public policy agendas." (Emphasis mine.)

McDonald's book has been out since 2004, but I've never read it, though its been on my "gotta get to" list for some time. It does sound quite delicious! That excerpt from Amazon sounds like something I could have written. I guess McDonald would also be considered one who manufactures "strawmen" leftist historians in academia. Though the book is eight years old, based on what I've read about it, its even more relevant today. I'll be doing a full review once I've finished reading it.

And for sheer enjoyment and entertainment . . .

"RELIC HUNTER takes the reader into Virginia's woods and fields. Searching for the many long forgotten Civil War Camps and Battle Sites. This is a unique and fully photo illustrated book." ~ Amazon

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